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Since 1998 Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group, Inc. has built an exceptional clientele. Our clients share a passion for knowing what is important in their life, strong moral values and an appreciation of understanding what their realistic retirement goals are. Our clients:

Are financial delegators. They appreciate and are willing to follow the advice of a financial professional.

Focus on what's important. By delegating (entrusting, appointing and assigning), they can focus their time and energy on the people and events in life that are important to them.

Are passionate about accomplishing their goals. They realize that achieving those goals requires both money and planning.

Value our work together. They are comfortable with our fee-based structure of compensation. We bill clients quarterly based on a percentage of assets under management.

They can handle the truth. They want to hear the truth from us regarding their financial situation... even when it is not what they want to hear.

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