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How We Are Different

What Makes Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group Different?

Tailored Portfolio Management - Each client has a different blend of growth goals, income needs, risk thresholds, time horizons and other unique requirements. Clients with taxable accounts also have differing tax considerations. Each client receives a tailored program to meet their unique retirements needs and objectives. Portfolios are generally structured by utilizing low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as core holdings along with individual stocks and bonds as satellite positions to manage risk, and take advantage of specific market opportunities that present themselves. This is in sharp contrast to investment programs "sold" by stockbrokers and other sales people that exclusively utilize packaged products like mutual funds or separately managed accounts. These programs can include confusing entanglements of fees on top of fees. The imbedded costs of these packaged products impose an unnecessary extra layer of fees that will impair your long-term performance. The question you need to ask is who is really managing your money? The person you hired to do just that or is it another company that he or she has subcontracted to do it?

Communication - Client communications paths are very important to us and we offer several ways to keep in touch. Communication is provided through periodic personal meetings, telephone discussions and/or utilizing the latest computerized client meeting programs such as Skype or GoToMeeting. But there is nothing that can replace a face-to-face meeting to chat about the day-to-day changes that we all face in our lives. That is why Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group has an open door policy to encourage clients to drop by our Marco Island office. There is nothing better than sharing a cup of coffee with a client and having them expand on their goals and dreams, and discuss how we can make their retirement more fulfilling. Retirement is a journey, not a destination.

Account Reporting - Account reporting services are provided to our clients three ways.

Monthly account statements are provided by our custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional. These statements can be accessed on-line 24/7 through a secure sign-on through TD Ameritrade Institutional's website or they can be mailed via the USPS.

Quarterly Performance Reports are posted into a secure Client Web Portal that can be accessed on-line 24-7. For those that are not comfortable with this type of technology, we are happy to to utilize the USPS snail mail as an option. We have partnered with Morning star, Inc. for our portfolio management software. There programs track the performance of each individual security and provide the client with an aggregate performance of their different accounts, such as Trusts and IRAs. This account aggregation provides a comprehensive visual picture of both current and historical performance results. In addition, we provide a snapshot of your current asset allocation. This snapshot provides a clear picture of how much you own in stocks, bonds and cash. It also explains how much is allocated to different sectors such as health care, technology and industrial. These reports provide you with a peace of mind knowing that your accounts are being managed and monitored in an efficient manner.

Finally, but maybe most important, is that we provide a no nonsense Quarterly Fee Billing Statement. These statements are available via the same two methods as the Quarterly Performance Reports. This clear and concise document shows you exactly what your fee is for the quarter, and how that fee was calculated. Many time clients have come to us from another firm and had no idea how to identify exactly what they were paying. We believe that if you do not know what you are paying for a service, how can you determine the value of that service? There are no smoke and mirrors here at Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group, we believe in full transparency.

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