Retirement is a journey; not a destination.

Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group, Inc is a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) specializing in Retirement Income Planning and fee-based Portfolio Management. We focus on working with retirees and those nearing retirement. Located on Marco Island, Florida we have been serving our clients since 1998 though I have been practicing since 1984. We have clientele in over 15 states throughout the country. We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard, legally and morally bound to act in the sole interest of our clients. Looking out for our clients is not just part of the job, it is our legal responsibility. That may not sound like a big deal, but it is. This should be one of your most important requirements when choosing an investment advisor. 



Our Firm

Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group, Inc. is an independently owned Registered Investment Advisory firm.

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Our Clients

Since 1998 Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group, Inc. has built an exceptional clientele. Our clients share a passion for knowing what is important in their life, strong moral values and an appreciation of understanding what their realistic retirement goals are.

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How We Are Different

What Makes Lynn H. Orr Capital Management Group Different?

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Our process is simple:

1. Understand what your retirement goals and dreams are at all times.

2. Explain to you what is possible and to help you understand why something may not be possible.

3. Monitor you and your investments for changes, for opportunities and for problems.

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Find out how we can help you reach your financial freedom.

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